Saturday, February 16, 2013

After School Matters Mural

The neighborhood project was something that was created with After School Matters and 30 plus Chicago High School Students. Working together to create and install a piece that these young adults felt reflected the type of Chicago they see everyday. This montage has been a year in the making, gathering photos from various neighborhoods, as well, of their friends. The students wanted to work with the idea of a working class city, focusing on downtowns backyard. The reds and blues are in reference to Chicago’s Iconic flag. The more neutral colors are in place to mimic the industrial side of the city. 

Friday, February 15, 2013

ASM x CFD collab

The Firehouse Murals are a project that stemmed from a partnership between After School Matters and The Chicago Fire Department. Working together to create and install several large pieces that will be on display at one of Chicago's oldest fire departments. These pieces came to fruition this past summer (2012) working with thirty Chicago High School students from all over the city. The students worked with the idea of a time line, creating iconic images that represent the time period. Starting with the Great Chicago Fire, a moment that has created what Chicago is today. In the work the smoke and fire have been overlaid with a vintage floral pattern, an Idea one student had to symbolize a new beginning, and future growth for the city. Something this catastrophic has had a major part in shaping much of what we see in the city now. The last four pieces follow suit, creating a visual reference between then and now. The images were cut into organic shapes allowing the pieces to either stand alone, presented as a time line, and/or installed as a layered manor as a free standing object.

Monday, February 11, 2013

camp wandawega

A busy work week at Camp Wandawega. Projects and photos up soon....